About Us

Once upon a time there lived two carefree, relaxed and trendy women. They did lots of socialising, spent countless hours clothes shopping and reading fashion magazines. Every morning they woke up after a restful sleep and got dressed in their carefully planned outfits they had arranged the night before. Most days they thought they looked pretty ok.

Then they had kids... The end!

But seriously, 5 kids later (between us not 5 each.. Thank goodness!) these ladies weren't so 'put together' anymore. Most mornings now consisted of throwing together the first thing they could find (sometimes off the floor!) while trying to negotiate with a 3 year old why they have to wear pants today while cleaning Weetbix out of the babies hair. All of a sudden these ladies didn't feel so great anymore.

Sound familiar?

If you haven't figured it out yet- these ladies are us! We are Sarah & Melissa and we are so excited to share with you- This Little Closet. After whinging to each other for years about how we now never buy clothes or make much of an effort with the appearance anymore (sorry hubbies!) we decided to do something about it. Once we started updating our wardrobe we realised how much better we felt when we had stylish and easy to wear clothes again. Ones we could just throw on in the mornings and they just worked!

We want to help you feel good about clothes again or just feed the clothing addiction you still have! We aim to stock stylish, affordable and fun fashion and accessories with a mix of classic and statement pieces. 

We live in a remote mining town with no clothes shops so this was also a driving force in starting our business. We have had such an amazing response from our local community and we can't wait to see what the future brings. We only have limited sizes and numbers of each style because we don't want everyone to be looking the same so we do frequently update our website. If you LOVE something you better snap it up quickly! 

We hope you find some amazing clothes you love here! xx